SPONTAN high-performance pipe sawing system Type HRS 315

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For fully automated cutting of pipes and profiles

This pipe sawing system has been developed for multiple interlinking with automatic deburring machines and designed specifically for use in conjunction with a Spontan high-performance brush deburring machine of type HBE-90 for economic cutting & deburring of small batches through to large-scale manufacturing.

System description:

The pipe bundles can be placed in the bundle loader by a crane or forklift. The profiles are automatically fed via a pre-separation unit with transverse conveyor line into the loading magazine where safe division of a rod and correctly oriented feed into the roller feed system is executed. The coated feed rollers transport the material rods to be cut against the switching length stop (optional in CNC version). The material rod is clamped on both sides of the cutting line and the saw hub is triggered. The sawn fixed lengths fall into the conveyance system and are fed to a downstream deburring or end processing machine in the correct orientation. (Cut-offs and remaining lengths are disposed of separately.)


Round pipes: Ø8 – Ø90 mm (optional Ø104 mm)
Square pipes: 10x10 - 75x75 mm
Rectangular pipes: 10x15 - 70x80 mm
Oval pipes: 10x15 - 40x80 mm
Full material: bis Ø50 mm
Flat material: 40x15 - maximum 100x15 mm
Wall thicknesses: 0,5 – 6,0 mm
Materials: Steel St35..70; stainless steel; non ferrous/ aluminium and plastic
Cut-off lengths: as of 15 – 6.000 mm
Rod lengths: 6000 – 18.000 mm


Saw blades: HSS coated / carbide
Saw blade Ø 240 - 325mm (optional Ø340 mm)
Saw blade width 1,6 - 4 mm
Holder Ø 40 mm (optional 32 mm, 50 mm)
Pin holes 4x Ø12x Ø64 / 4x Ø13x Ø63 / 4xØ15xØ80)

Other dimensions available as options


  • Standard: Sawing of a fixed length with 1x electro-motor adjusted stopper
  • Version 2: Sawing of 2 different fixed lengths with 2x electro-motor adjusted stopper
  • Version 3: Sawing of 3 different fixed lengths with 1x CNC length adjustment Economic cutting & deburring as of batch size 1
  • in conjunction with Spontan HBE-90 CNC idrive

Features and components

  • Precise saw cuts based on solid construction and play-free Spontan saw gears (own development)
  • High availability thanks to service-oriented design
  • Simple & central operation via operating panel OP 177
  • Automatic setting via job parameters
  • Transverse cut optimised sawing
  • Stepless saw blade - revolutions via frequency inverter regulation
  • Stepless saw feed setting
  • Stepless clamping pressure setting
  • Horizontal clamping with multiple area or form clamping jaws
  • Short set-up times in the event of dimension change
  • Saw blade guidance with carbide jaws
  • Cut gap expansion with use of carbide
  • 2-side interlinking opening with downstream processing machines
  • 5 output positions of fixed lengths possible
  • Saw blade - minimum quantity cooling lubrication system, Spontan microlube Advantage DUO (own development)

Interlinking options

  • Spontan brush deburring machine type HBE-90
  • Chain conveyor for increased parts output and unloading of collection containers

Accessories (available as options)

  • Bundle loader supports for bundle 800x800 mm
  • Bundle loader payload 6000 KG
  • Residual item feed in loading magazine as of 800 mm
  • Loading magazine add-ons up to maximum 18,000 mm
  • Alignment equipment for pipes as of Ø8 mm
  • Application-specific gear translation
  • Saw blade holders according to customer requirement
  • Saw blade Ø340 mm
  • Clamping jaw quick change system < 60 seconds
  • Air cooler for additional saw blade cooling
  • Form clamping jaws up to pipe Ø 100 mm
  • Form clamping jaws for short cut-offs
  • Additional blower nozzles
  • Energy-saving motors
  • Central lubrication with service station
  • Remote maintenance via analogue/ISDN modem
  • and much more….