SPONTAN surface brush machine Type OBM-250-600


For simultaneous deburring and polishing of surfaces or asymmetric profiles shafts. E.g. camshafts in individual and series production

System description:

The workpieces are placed in the component-related holder and then, with the protective door closed, clamped in a fully automated way and, by way of rotation and ready-to-use brush shafts, deburred at the relevant positions e.g. cams or polished on the bearing surfaces.


Shafts from: Ø20 – Ø70 or according to sample
Lengths: As of 300 - 600 mm
Geometries: Round profiles with or withous cams
Cam circle of rotation: Ø 40 – 55 mm
Bearing: Ø 20 – 30 mm
Material: Steel, stainless steel ana non-ferrous metals

Tools/brush shaft

  • Brushes: Ø200 – Ø250 mm
  • Brush occupation according to use; milled wire from steel/stainless steel; abrasive particle or grinding bristles with silicon carbide etc.
  • Tool sets are made according to sample


  • Mobile machine body in frame construction with safety, protective and service doors
  • Integrated shavings and dust collection funnel with connection to an external extraction system
  • Mobile brush units on linear guide rails
  • Brush units with brush shaft quick change system for short set-up times
  • Brush wear compensation with digital position indicator
  • Pneumatic clamping unit
  • Central lubrication system for all adjustable axes
  • Machine lights for safety protective hood
  • PLC control with OP 77
  • Simple and user-friendly operating panel interface
  • Stepless brush revolutions via frequency inverter regulation
  • Remote maintenance via analogue/ISDN modem
  • Data exchange via Ethernet interface

Accessories (optionally available)

  • Work brushes, application-specific
  • Component-related prism supports
  • Complete change brush shaft
  • Pre-made tool sets
  • Brush traverse for replacement shaft
  • Temperature monitoring of bearing units
  • Energy-saving motors for brush drives
  • External extraction type HNA 3 etc.