SPONTAN high-performance-pipe saw units Type 315; 400 and 450 HSS/carbide


For cutting pipes, profiles and full material in modern pipe works-production lines either a s multiple cut or final cut units. Special areas of use are 1-3-fold multiple cutting systems behind drawing benches, lining machines or in finishing lines.

System description:

The saw cut is executed from below upwards, thus there is sufficient space over the sawing unit for the system-side feed. This may either be executed as a transverse feed (e.g. insertion lever for in/out feeds) or as lengthwise conveyance (e.g. roller conveyors). The processing lengths are fixed either horizontally or vertically by way of suitable clamping mechanisms, that may be fitted with proportional pressure regulation. A hydraulic feed cylinder with proportional value control executes the saw hub motion. For the restriction of the saw hub, incremental or absolute value shaft encoders are used. The Spontan saw gears are play-free and integrated into machine stands.


Pipes and profiles: Ø4 - Ø120 mm
Wall thicknesses: 0,75 – 12,00 mm
Quantity: 1 fold - up to Ø120mm / 2–3 fold - up to Ø 50 mm
Materials: Steel, stailnless steel, non-ferrous metals etc.
Material strengths: Up to 1200 N/mm2


Saw blades: HSS coated/ carbide equipped
Saw blade Ø: 315 - 500 mm
Saw blade width: 1,6 - 4 mm
Holder Ø: According to customer requirement

Execution and drive capacity

Type 315
Saw blade Ø: 200 - 340 mm
Drive capacity: Up to a maximum 5,5 kW – 112M
Gears-i overall: 1,2 - 26,8
Type 400
Saw blade Ø: 275 - 450 mm
Drive capacity: Up to a maximum 8,6 kW – 132S
Gears-i overall: 7,8 - 27,65
Type 450/500
Saw blade Ø: 275 - 500 mm
Drive capacity: Up to a maximum 11,0 kW – 132M
Gears-i overall: 9,3 - 17,35

Features and components

  • Precise sawn cuts with high cut-out based on solid and mature construction.
  • High availability thanks to service-oriented design
  • Machine stands with shavings container or funnel duct for removal of shavings via scraper chain conveyor
  • Suitable for transverse and lengthwise transportation
  • Clamping with prism or form jaws
  • Central clamping with roller conveyor feed
  • Cut gap expansion with carbide saw blades
  • Sawing from below upwards
  • Stepless revolutions via frequency inverter regulation
  • Play-free saw gears in swivel version
  • Stepless saw feed via proportional valve technology
  • Stepless clamping pressure via proportional valve technology
  • Saw blade attachment with central clamping screw
  • Special constructions for customer-specific adaptations

Accessories (optionally available)

  • Saw blade holders according to customer requirement
  • Hydraulic clamping nut for saw blade attachment
  • Impulse generator components
  • Minimum quantity cooling lubrication systems, microlube Advantage Net
  • Hydraulic aggregates
  • Prisms and form clamping jaws made from Ampco
  • and much more ...