microlube ADVANTAGE

For lubricants HLM 40, HLM50, HLM 70, HLM 100 and others.

System description

microlube ADVANTAGE is a modular minimum quantity cooling lubrication system and can be adapted to your application at any time. You need only the appropriate modules. microlube ADVANTAGE is not tied to a specific application and may be adapted to customer-specifics using the newly developed module technology.

Modular-structured minimum quantity cooling lubrication – spray system with coaxial hose/nozzle technology. Lubricant and air are feed separately until the nozzle is reached and then mixed coaxially together. Separate dosing of air and lubricant via easy to operate valves. For electric control magnetic valves are integrated into ordinary voltages ( 24V DC or 230V AC ).

Influence of tool technology

The targeted use with microlube ADVANTAGE makes considerable higher durability possible. Generally speaking, all procedures in which tool and tool cutting are not constantly engaged are suitable for the use of minimum quantity cooling lubrication, also those for which cooling and lubrication is not the primary task of the cooling and lubrication system. With regard to materials, there are no longer any application-specific restrictions thanks to the further developed lubricants.

Operating costs

When using microlube ADVANTAGE and compared to conventional cooling-lubrication systems, considerable cost-savings potentials can be leveraged especially by way of waste avoidance.


The control impulse is given by the processing machine. The device sprays as long as the control voltage is applied.

Technical data for basic construction of microlube ADVANTAGE

  • Stop valve for compressed air feed
  • Separate air regulation with display of system pressure (network pressure)
  • Separate pressure regulation with display of tank pressure
  • Separate valves for compressed air and lubrican
  • Separate nozzle setting (micro valves) for carrier air & lubricant
  • Pluggable coaxial hose/nozzle technology
  • Modular construction method for oil container and nozzle ports
  • Optical filling level indicator
  • Electronic filling level monitoring (optional)
  • Parallel or serial control for multiple nozzle devices (optional)
  • Operating pressure: 3 - 8 bar
  • Spray volume: Can be set from 0-100 ml /hour
  • Supply container (low pressure): 2.0 litres (up to 20 litres available)
  • Basic equipment: Coaxial nozzle SD-30 with 2.0 m coaxial hose
  • Additional application-specific nozzles available.

Product information for minimum quantity cooling lubrication system microlube ADVANTAGE (PDF)