SPONTAN orbital deburring system Type Planomat Z; ZR. ZII and Z-HV


For the simultaneous deburring of both inside and outside of pipes, profiles, rods in small-series production Planomat Z, ZR, ZII or as for the pipe works insert.

System description:

The workpieces are held with light pressure against the orbital rotating deburring brushes. The workpieces do not need to be rotated.


Profiles and pipes: Ø10 - Ø100mm with Z, ZII / special Ø10 - Ø140mm with Z, ZII
Wall thicknesses: bis max.12 mm with Z-HV
Profiles and pipes: Ø20 - Ø200 mm with ZR
Lengths: as of 90 mm (as of 35 mm optional)
Geometries: Almost independent
Materials: Steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals


  • Planomat Z
    - with orbital rotating disc brush(es)
    - max. Ø380mm and working width 150 mm
  • Planomat ZR
    - with 5-7 pieces asymmetrically arranged and rotating counter to cup brushes
    - max. Ø90 mm
  • Planomat ZII frequency inverter
    - with orbital rotating disc brush(es), on swinging arm, frequency regulated
    - max. Ø250 mm and working width 150 mm
  • Planomat Z-HV
    - with orbital rotating disc brush(es)
    - max. Ø380 and working width 150 mm

Fully automated deburring station for installation in a pipe processing line (e.g. finishing line) for deburring the front ends of steel pipes and profiles. The deburring units are designed for integration into the existing machine control. They have their own PLC control (Siemens S7) and can thus be operated as a "stand-alone" version or via interface communication with a superordinated control. (e.g. Profibus DP)

Features and components

  • Frame with integrated electro-motor height adjustment
  • Orbital deburring head with brushes and rotation drive
  • Vertical pneumatic prism clamping mechanism
  • Electro-motor brush feed
  • PLC – control with OP 77
  • Automatic pipe Ø adjustment in accordance with OP entry
  • Automatic brush wear compensation
  • Automatic adaptation of revolutions for reduced brush Ø thus constant cutting speed via frequency-regulated drives
  • Freely programmable deburring working travel (depth)
  • Freely programmable deburring intervals (duration)
  • Fully automated process procedure (unmanned operation)

Accessories (optionally available)

  • Work brushes
  • Replacement fixtures for short item deburring
  • Machine rollers
  • External extraction etc.