Second hand saw and deburring machines

Second hand machine

Year of construction: 2006


Cutting area Round tubes: Ø10-90mm

Square tube: 10x10 to 75x75mm

Rectangular tube: 10x15 to 70x80mm

Solid material: 12-40mm


Section lengths

15-150mm (without deburring)

100-6.000mm (with deburring)  


Consisting of:

Loading magazine up to 6.500mm

Output lengths HRS315 saw - with two length stops

Minimum quantity lubrication system (MMKS)

Two way sorting   


Rear sorting consisting of:

Deburring HBE90 with lengths 100-3.200mm

Collecting trough with max. 3.200mm  


Sorting front consisting of:

Deburring HBE90 with max. 6.000mm

Collecting well with max. 6.000mm  


Suction unit

Control cabinet (control Siemens)


On request, the machine can be revised by Spontan.

A retrofit of the control, as well as installation and commissioning after agreement possible.  


Price on request