SPONTAN high-performance brush deburring system Type HBE-8-IG-idrive

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For the simultaneous deburring of both inside and outside of pipes in throughput procedure for small and large-scale production.

System description:

The material individualisation and the transport for the deburring procedure is implemented using two carrier discs. The feed may be by hand, but also in conjunction with a saw/laser cutting machine or sorting vibration conveyor (vibrating pan).


Pipes: Ø4 – Ø94 mm
Wall thicknesses: 0,5 – 4,0 mm
Lengths: (as of 30 mm optional) up to 3.000 mm
Geometries: Only for round materials
Materials: Steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals


  • Model version 1: Range from Ø3 – Ø60 mm
  • Model version 2: Range from Ø30 – Ø94 mm

Features and components

  • Frame with integrated piping for the connection of an external exhaust system
  • Solid and robust version for permanent 3-shift operation
  • Mobile brush unit on linear guide rails
  • Separate regulated transport disc drive – No spline shaft -
  • i-drive system for transport disc synchronisation
  • Quick adjustment discs for Ø6 - Ø60mm or Ø30 - Ø90mm
  • Brush quick change system for short set-up times
  • Blow-out station with shaving collection container with extraction preparation
  • Overloading and under-loading control with pipe stop system
  • Digital pipe Ø display on the hand wheel hold down setting
  • Central lubrication system for all adjustable axes
  • PLC control with operating panel OP77
  • Simple and user-friendly operating panel interface
  • Steplessly regulated transport disc speed
    max. 6000 pieces/h with 6 carrier slots (Ø dependant)
  • Automatic pipe length adjustment IG (optional)
  • Electro-motor brush wear compensation (optional)
  • Remote maintenance via analogue/ISDN modem
  • Feed and interlinking options

Feed and interlinking options

  • Manual feed
  • Sorting vibration conveyor (vibrating pan)
  • Laser cutting machines
  • Circular saw machine

Accessories (optionally available)

  • Work brushes, application-specific
  • Quick adjustment discs with width expansions for short pipe lengths
  • Segmented discs with 6, 12, 24 carrier slots
  • Special segmented discs for sensitive pipe surfaces
  • Energy-saving motors for brush drives
  • Not driven intermediate supports
  • Data exchange via Ethernet interface
  • External dust extraction systems etc.