SPONTAN high-performance cutting units travelling type 315; 400; 450; 500 HSS/carbide


For cutting pipes and profiles in welding and profiling systems or as stationary unit for test cuts etc.

System description:

The pipe saw unit is built onto the skid of travelling cutting equipment. All supply lines or connections may be executed as plug connections.

The saw gear is formed as a swivel unit and is play-free thanks to the use of ground gear wheels in precise execution. (Spontan own development)

The saw feed drive acts directly on the swivel axis of the saw gear and is made up of an alternating current servo motor with impulse generator and a high-translated special gear with play-free pendulum shaft bearing. Alternative drive via hydraulic cylinder is possibl

The switch of OTmax and UTmin may be queried via electrical control device.


Pipes and profiles: Ø10 – Ø90 mm - Ø120 mm
Open C-profile/rectangle: 10x10 – 100x100 mm 130x150 mm
Wall thicknesses: 0,75 – 6,00 mm
Geometries: Almost independent
Materials: Steel, stainless stell and non-rerrous metals


Saw blades: HSS coated/ carbide equipped
Saw bladeØ: 275 - 500 mm
Saw width: 1,6 - 4 mm
Holder Ø: According to customer requirement

Execution according to saw blade Ø275 – Ø500

  • 20,0 – 400 m/min cutting speed
  • 2,2 – 17 kW Saw blade drive capacity
Type... Frequency inverter
  • Feed drive via servo motor
  • Stepless revolutions via frequency inverter regulation
Type... HY
  • Feed drive via hydraulic cylinder
  • Stepless revolutions via frequency inverter regualtion
Type... Servo
  • Feed drive via servo motor
  • Stepless revolutions via servo motor

Features and components

  • Saw gearbox bearing in steel-welded construction
  • Play-free saw gears in swivel version
  • Hydraulic dual clamping mechanism with 4 cylinders
  • Clamping jaw quick change system
  • Servo motors for feed and revolutions
  • Saw hub limitation via electrical control device

Accessories (optionally available)

  • Hydraulic clamping nut for saw blade attachment
  • Protective hood with safety switch
  • Hydraulic block with valve technology
  • Minimum quantity cooling lubrication systems, microlube Advantage
  • Air cooler for additional saw blade cooling
  • Clamping jaws for special profiles
  • Centring equipment/adapter plate for table mounting
  • Quick closure coupling for hydraulic feed line
  • Impulse generator components for saw hub control
  • Electrical control device
  • and much more...