SPONTAN high-performance saw gears Type 315; 400 and 500 HSS/carbide


For cutting pipes, profiles, rolled rings and full material in almost all installation situations and machine types. The saw gears can be operated in both pendulum shaft bearing as well as via linear feeds.

System description:

Depending on application, the saw gears are used as multiple stage spur gear units with an upstream toothed belt translation. Through the use of precision-ground gear wheels the gears are play-free. (Spontan own development) Depending on the version, the drive source may be an alternating current motor or alternating current servo motor.


Geometries: Almost independent
Pipes and profiles: maximum 160 x160 mm
Wall thicknesses: 0,75 – 12,00 mm
Materials: Steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals etc.


Saw blades: HSS coated/ carbide equipped
Saw blade Ø: 275 - 500 mm
Saw width: 1,6 - 4 mm
Holder Ø: According to customer requirement

Execution and drive capacity

Type 315  
Saw blade Ø: 200 - 340 mm
Drive capacity: Up to a maximum of 5,5 kW – 112M
Gears-i overall: 1,2 - 26,8
Type 400/450  
Saw blade Ø: 275 - 450 mm
Drive capacity: Up to a maximum of 8,6 kW – 132S
Gears-i overall: 7,8 - 27,65
Type 500 linear  
Saw blade Ø: 315 - 500 mm
Drive capacity: Up to a maximum 8,6 kW - 132S
Up to a maximum 11,0 kW – 132M
Up to a maximum 20,0 kW - Servo
Gears-i overall: 9,3 - 17,35

Features and components

  • Saw gears in die cast or steel-welded construction
  • Play-free saw gears in swivel version
  • Servo motors for feed and revolutions
  • Saw blade holders according to customer requirement
  • Saw blade attachment with central clamping screw
  • Special constructions for customer-specific adaptations

Accessories optionally available

  • Hydraulic clamping nut for saw blade attachment
  • Minimum quantity cooling lubrication systems, microlube Advantage
  • Air cooler for additional saw blade cooling
  • Saw blade guidance
  • Complete pendulum shaft bearings
  • Impulse generator components for hub control
  • and much more